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Compassionate Healthcare

Our mission is to provide you with personalised, high-quality care. We are dedicated to improving and maintaining the health of your legs and feet through preventative care and ongoing treatment.

What should I expect at my first appointment

In order to create the finest personalised treatment plan that meets your overall needs, we will analyse and discuss all of your potential treatment options together. It’s crucial to understand, though, that a complicated medical history or treatment plan can necessitate more testing and planning. To begin the procedure in certain situations, another appointment could be required. Please get in touch with the clinic to ask for an extension if you believe you have a complicated issue.

Make a list of your
symptoms and questions

  • Make a note of all your prescription drugs and any previous operations.

  • Assemble and bring crucial medical records and lab test data from additional physicians or hospitals (including X-rays, MRIs, and lab results).

  • Please bring your physical health fund card or have the insurer’s app downloaded on your phone if you intend to submit a claim.

  • If you have any specific needs, call the foot clinic ahead of time and let them know.

  • If you think it will be beneficial, bring a friend or member of your family.

  • Bring your walking or exercise shoes to the visit if your problem requires walking or exercise.

  • For all appointments that involve toenail assessment or treatment please make sure that all toenail polish, shellac, artificial toenails etc are removed before the appointment.

  • Discuss your symptoms and any recent changes you may have noticed. Describe any allergies.

  • Tell your podiatrist if you are pregnant or if you are trying to get pregnant.

  • Let your podiatrist know if you are being treated by other doctors.

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